Rajeev Chandrasekhar's official website - Member of Parliament

Rajeev Chandrasekhar  has always been passionate about technology.  As an MP with deep knowledge, experience and an extensive background in technology and entrepreneurship,  Rajeev believes the use of technology plays a crucial role in bringing to effect a more efficient, transparent and accountable government.

A strong supporter of the Digital India Program launched by the Government in July 2014 Rajeev believes this initiative by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication will create a single, comprehensive vision for the country’s technological future. Rajeev’s approach to Digital India stems from the view that the program will transform governance by creating a technological platform for administrative and decision making processes shall enable governments to be more responsive.

Rajeev is of the firm belief that access to technology will ensure that citizens have access to information and services on a real time basis. As users of end line services, socio-economically backward citizens can be saved of the mire of government bureaucracy and political corruption. They can verify information, access a host of products and services and increase the efficiency of their daily lives.

To make real the Digital India vision and of taking government and services to a billion Indians via the internet Rajeev emphasises that TRAI, DoT and DeitY have to be transformed with the specialised capacity required to deal with technology policy making and regulation.

Rajeev is a proponent of Net Neutrality and believes a free internet is derived from the universal democratic value of freedom of speech, and therefore is essential to democracy in the 21st century. In his ten years in Parliament, he has worked to sensitise fellow MPs to the need for a free internet with minimal regulation, and supplied inputs to the law-making process, drawing from his own experience as a business leader in the communications industry.

For India and its vision of Digital India – “Access to the Internet must be as important as the phone and should be available to all”, Rajeev holds that the Internet needs simple regulations that are based on fundamental consumer rights, innovation and connectivity.