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The roots of the problem in Bengaluru are since a fairly long time. Do you think a different kind of agenda-setting can be being done to change the problem?

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

There are many well-meaning citizens in this city. But good intentions are not the same as standing up for what is right. There is no point saying I will facilitate building of roads, when the underlying model encourages corruption.


Making the right investments, taking the right decisions to change the city for good, and ensuring that future generations of Bangaloreans live better – that is what they did not do. Had they done these kind of reforms at that time, things would have changed. I tried it a bit when I was member of another such forum – ABIDe. We had suggested deep reforms, talked of structural changes.


People don’t want sugar-coated promises anymore. Therein, the Lokpal/ Janlokpal seek deep structural reform. It is a pushback by the people saying we cannot tolerate this anymore. One can argue it creates another bureaucracy, but it is also fundamentally a demand for change.