Rajeev Chandrasekhar's official website - Member of Parliament


Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s connect with Bengaluru goes beyond just representing Bengaluru Urban in the Rajya Sabha. The city is home to him for almost three decades. Over the past years, he has advocated and been vocal about the problems faced by citizens of the city.

Rajeev firmly believes a progressive vision for Bengaluru must stem from statutory multi-year development plans that draw participation of citizens in decisions that will affect them. A strong votary for Governance Reforms through the planned development of Bengaluru, Rajeev has fought for increased citizen participation in the development plans of the city.

Seeking active involvement of Bengalureans to reclaim the city, the Big Bengaluru Fight addresses the core problems – failure of Government, takeover of planning and development by vested interests, the decline of neighbourhoods and the need to a push for reforms in the administration of civic agencies and the Government – from exploiting the city to serving the city’s citizens.

Through multiple initiatives under the Big Bengaluru Fight, Rajeev empowers and collaborates with the citizens of Bengaluru in a movement to eradicate corruption, bring in accountability and usher in transparency in the functioning of the Government. This involves fighting corruption and holding Government agencies accountable through Public Interest Litigation and Judicial interventions.

Big Bengaluru Fight continues to be a strong initiative aimed at eradicating corruption and making accountable the people, under whom this corruption flourishes.