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Stay On Akrama Sakrama

January 14, 2017

The Special Leave Petitions filed by Namma Bengaluru Foundation and Myself challenging the Akrama Sakrama laws in Karnataka had come up for hearing before the Supreme Court of India on Jan 13, 2017

The apex court bench headed by Chief Justice of India JS Khehar asked the authorities not to process applications filed under this scheme. The bench declined the request of the state government, which had entered a caveat to expedite the hearing. The SLP has been converted to a civil appeal and will be heard in due course of time.

This stay on Akrama Sakrama by Supreme Court is a major win and dawns the symbol of hope and triumph.

My entire fight against the recent Akrama Sakrama scheme is because it does not support Bengaluru’s urban poor as it is anti-poor.

Instead of considering a reworked proposal that benefits the poor, the government has fed the canard that all illegal constructions are dwellings of the poor while in reality it is just a tool to legalise all illegalities of erring property developers and high income home owners.

Additionally, the following questions remain unanswered and warrant attention:

1) Why are homeowners being penalised whereas builders and developers escape punishment?

2) What about criminal action against those in Government whose negligence or deliberate connivance allowed these deviations?

3) How is this regularisation going to be audited?

4) Is the government sending a message that corruption and lawbreaking doesn’t disadvantage anyone with a culture being created where lawbreaking is encouraged?

5) And then finally, why should citizens comply with laws when new amnesty schemes will be rolled out to protect violators and criminals?

If the Government of Karnataka genuinely wants to help the poor, it must rethink and reconfigure Akrama Sakrama to create a criterion that benefits only the deserving.

The legislation should also ensure punitive measures for violators – both builders and errant officials. Only by doing so, the unholy nexus of vested interests, builders and contractors can be eliminated.

This collusion around public money and land lies at crux of corrupt politics in Bengaluru. Through Akrama Sakrama, the government was more actively rewarding the culture of corruption. In its current form, the message was: a lawbreaker stands to benefit than a law-abiding citizen! It was designed to bail out builders, the rich and powerful from their illegalities who instead of being punished under law, benefitting financially. In many ways, Akrama Sakrama was symbolic of the failures of Governance and how deep vested interests have corroded and entered every facet of governance.

I have repeatedly urged the Government to consider a rethought proposal for Akrama Sakrama that ensures benefit for the poor only and not builders and I will not allow builders and their friends in politics and Govt to run Bengaluru.





6 comments on “Stay On Akrama Sakrama

  1. Hi,

    We own a Revenue site bought in 1992 which is in BBMP limits, next to BDA layout.

    We want to construct in this site, but not able to legally do it as Akrama sakrama is in court.

    I support the cause you people are fighting to prevent future illegal/unplanned developments.

    1. it is causing trouble to many people like me who have a valid document and a revenue site bought long ago when BDA or planning authorities in Bangalore were not active.

    2. Many houses have come/coming up in this locality without plan sanction(plan sanction is not possible for Revenue/B Khata today wihtout Akrama Sakrama) which is inturn increasing the illegal constructions.

    I would suggest you to look at Akrama Sakrama for a land as a special case than bye-law violations.

  1. Dear Sir
    I fully support you sir. As I bought a piece of plot converted in 2008.However, I am feeling cheated now as that falls under CITY MUNCIPAL and am not getting single layout approval due to the fact that acres of land is divided and converted as multiple layouts illegally without provision as per TOWN PLANNING ACT 17. And if you look into the documents,revenue officer seal signature is available on the legal document such as sale deed. This case against AKRAMA SAKRAMA is correct as per me ,as builders,developers and officials who allowed this to happen will escape with lesser punishments.However people like you and me will be suffering as a purchaser

  1. Sir , we bought the plot with house from landowner wayback in 1989.we were not told by landowner this land has been notified for bda acquisition. There is no means we could collect this information except through the publication in paper . We have been fighting for this property against bda since 30yrs . We have invested our hard earned money for this property. Now I have lost my father. How can we be deprived of our livelihood even after paying taxes to govt for all these years ? Eviction of the residential property is inhuman acticity and the after all the authorities form layout for the citizens .we are ready to pay the penalty for the mistake by done us. But we sincerely urge you , citizen forums and to the law makers to also think about people like us who have been fighting for our shelter since 30yrs and waiting for justice on humanitarian grounds. To be Frank bda does all possible scams for people with money and influential people . They make the common people to struggle with case proceedings . Does the justice prevail in India for common people ?

  1. Yes, prevention is better than cure. But when you are already afflicted with the disease, your priority should be to get cured quickly..Now the disease has already come as houses are already built due to failure of Development Authorities all over Karnataka in meeting the demand. What poor are supposed to do? That is why they bought revenue sites as they are cheaper. Now you are preventing them from availing loan & build roof over their head.. This is double punishment to the poor. First you do not develop layouts for years and when somebody buys a site elsewhere you put all hurdles on him.This is UNFAIR & INHUMAN. Hence please withdraw your case and help poor to regularise their revenue sites/buildings and get loans. as already they are under great financial stress due to COVID-19 and struggling to pay even school fees of their Children. I hope you realise their sufferings and help them by withdrawing the case

  1. Rajeev Chandrashekhar,
    You have filed PIL in SC to protect the buyers from illegal land mafia is vey good move, but, what about the poor class who already legitimately registered the land and local UDA’s not approving single layout for construction of home or selling the property?. UDA’s have pushed our file under Akrama-sakrama since 2013. Do you have any answer as you are peoples representative who enjoys tax payers money. Have you initiated the court proceedings? How long we will to wait for the resolution?

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