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Don’t Police Internet And Blogs

May 4, 2011

‘No censorship for blogosphere’

Indian Bloggers are vibrant stakeholders of democracy, they represent young thoughts and their initiatives play an important role in the Indian political system. Youth rely on the phenomenon called Blogging for news, to exchange ideas, thoughts and there should be no censorship or control of thought on the Internet.

The government should not impose any form of control over blogs, bloggers and Internet.

It is a matter of serious concern if there is a move on imposition of unnecessary restrictions on bloggers of the Internet in which the government proposes to block or shut down blogs as well as bloggers if the opinions posted in them do not suit the government, institutions or individuals. The Government is going to publish new rules in the Official Gazette under the Information Technology (Amendment) Act 2009 without inviting public opinion thereon. The execution of these rules in its existing form will be a blow to the vibrant blogging community and bloggers. It could result in shutting down of the Internet, if the information posted is found inconvenient to the Government, institutions or individuals. This would also take away the Right to Freedom of Expression.


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