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Victory for free speech; Supreme Court strikes down IT Act Section 66A

Rajeev filed a PIL in 2013 arguing that Section 66A of the Information Technology Act is unconstitutional because in the name of securing the Internet and in the name of preventing abuse of the Internet, government and government bureaucrats were overreaching and trespassing on the constitutional riMore...

Fight for Net Neutrality

Rajeev has been one of the few MPs who has been very vocal and has engaged extensively on the issue of Net Neutrality. He had urged the Government, through letters to the Telecom Minister, that the government undertake a public consultation on Net Neutrality and related issues. Subsequently, TRAI, sMore...

TRAI asks Telcos to fix call drops or pay consumers

Rajeev has been at the forefront of taking up the matter of protection of Consumers interests with TRAI and the Government regarding call drops. On 16 October 2015, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) made it mandatory for telecom operators to compensate consumers by Rs 1/- for call dropMore...

Government agrees to multi-stakeholderism at ICANN 53

The Government took note of Rajeev’s three years of consistent demand on the need to adopt a Multi-Stakeholder model for Internet Governance, & proclaimed its support to this approach at the ICANN 53 meeting in Buenos Aires. This change in India’s stand globally signaled potential openness tMore...

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