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Karnataka High Court holds School Managements responsible for safety of children

Rajeev’s consistent stand that the school managements are responsibility for safety of children and that the Government department of Education is also responsible for regulating schools on all matters including safety of children was validated by the Karnataka High court. The court ruled that botMore...

Forming the National Coalition to Protect Our Children (NCPOC)

In December 2015, Rajeev formed the National Coalition to Protect Our Children - a civil society led multi-stakeholder body, to come up with an actionable, cohesive set of solutions to address the problem of Child Sexual Abuse. The participants included UNICEF India, HAQ: Centre for Child Rights, RAMore...

Calling for a Roadmap to end Child Sexual Abuse

Rajeev submitted his petition on Change.org to the Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi. The petition, with 1.82 lakh signatures, asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government to commit to a roadmap to prevent sexual abuse of about 400 million children in India. A delegation More...

Officials directed to curb the menace of under-age drinking

Rajeev’s timely letter to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah resulted in action against the menace of liquor being served to the under-aged patrons. He took up the concern when concerned parents approached him with instances of some pubs and bars serving liquor to underage patrons. Rajeev highlighted thaMore...

Government sets up a National Sex Offenders Registry

Rajeev’s demand/suggestion to create a National Sex Offenders Registry was accepted by the Government and the Ministry of Women & Child Development. This was a vital first step to creating an institutional framework for Rajeev’s fight to Protect our Children from the terror of Abuse.

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