Letter to Karnataka Home Minister


 August 6, 2015 


Dear Shri KJ George avare, 

This has reference to another heinous sexual assault on an innocent 3-year-old child at a private school in Indiranagar, Bengaluru that took place on 03rd August, 2015. I understand that the alleged perpetrator– a security guard of the private school–has been subsequently arrested under the POCSO Act. 

This incident follows a slew of similar incidents of sexual assault against children in schools in Bengaluru over the last one year. Child sexual abuse is a form of terrorism perpetrated against children and it is abominable that such incidents continue to transpire in Bengaluru. 

I had urged you through my letter on 20th February, 2014 (enclosed), the urgent need for the Government to take strict action against such crimes against children. But the Government has done very little so far. I urge you that at least now, In the interest of safety and protecting our Children that you take the actions required


  1. Government must ensure that all schools will conduct annual safety audits in both Government and private run schools. These safety audit reports should be made available in the public domain and accessible to parents. 
  2. The Government must instate rigorous verification processes for the hiring of school staff by managements. In doing so, the Government must ensure that a fool proof and viable system is in place.
  3. While the Government of Karnataka now maintains a Child Sexual Offenders Registry, it must also initiate the process of integrating this registry with the Central Government database. This is crucial for information sharing between various jurisdictional police stations.
  4. The Government must ensure the strict implementation of “Child Protection Policy for Safe Schooling in Karnataka” that was approved by the state Cabinet, and accordingly ensure that the child protection committees are set up, Child Protection Officers are appointed at every school level.
  5. Fast track prosecution through special public prosecutors and Fast track POCSO courts.


Despite my repeated requests and requests by parents and NGOs from all over the city and state, the Government has done very little as evident from this recent crime, pointing to apathy and negligence on part of the government with regard to child safety.

The Government and specifically the Police department has to adopt a zero tolerance approach to Paedophiles and crimes against children. It is the moral responsibility of Government, and also your duty, to strictly enforce stringent guidelines to prevent such heinous incidents from occurring again.


Yours Sincerely,


Shri K. J. George
Minister of Home Affairs,
Government of Karnataka

Copy: Smt. Umashree, Hon’ble Minister of Women and Child welfare