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TO BE ANSWERED ON 30.04.2007

Rural Electrification in Karnataka





 Will the Minister of POWER be pleased to state:-

(a) the number of villages in Karnataka which have not been electrified, nominally electrified and partially electrified with one light point in every household as on 31st December, 2006;

(b) by when all the villages are likely to be fully electrified;

(c) the funds required to achieve the target; and

(d) the budgetary provision made by Rural Electrification Corporation for the year 2007-08 for this purpose?



(a) : As per the old definition of village electrification of 1997, there were 710 un- electrified villages in Karnataka. The definition is as under: -
“A village will be deemed to be electrified if the electricity is used in the inhabited locality, within the revenue boundary of the village, for any purpose whatsoever”.

The above definition was restrictive and did not meet the aspirations of rural people. Therefore, a revised definition has been formulated and notified.

The new definition of village electrification which has been notified in February, 2004 has come into effect from the year 2004-05. It states that:
“A village would be declared electrified if –

Basic infrastructure such Distribution Transformer and Distribution lines are provided in the habited locality as well as Dalit Basti / hamlet where it exists. (For electrification through Non-Conventional Energy Sources a Distribution Transformer may not be necessary).

Electricity is provided to public places like Schools, Panchayat Office, Health Centres, Dispensaries, Community centers etc. and the number of households electrified should be at least 10% of the total number of households in the village
Panchayat has to give certificate to this effect.

Accordingly, data on unelectrified villages as per revised definition was called for from the States. As per the latest progress report on village electrification published by CEA (as on 31.03.2006), 356 villages in Karnataka are yet to be electrified.

(b) All the un-electrified villages in the country including Karnataka are envisaged to be electrified under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana by 2009.

(c) Rural Electrification Corporation Limited (REC) has received 26 projects under RGGVY from Karnataka. In Phase-I, 17 projects with an awarded cost of Rs.641.77 crore have been cleared for implementation for which funds to the tune of Rs.159.95 crore have been released so far.

(d) :An amount of Rs.3983 crore has been allocated in the budget of Ministry of Power as capital subsidy for implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana in the country during 2007-08. REC is the nodal agency for disbursement of these funds.