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RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO.3888 TO BE ANSWERED ON 08.09.2011 Operation of Pawan Hans Helicopters in North- East





Will the Minister of CIVIL AVIATION be pleased to state:-


(a)   Whether it is a fact that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has recently suspended all commercial operations of Pawan Hans helicopters in North-East(NE);


(b)   If so, the details thereof and reason therefor;


(c)    The number of Pawan Hans helicopters that crash in 2011;


(d)   The number of persons killed in theses crashes and financial losses suffered by the Organization;


(e)   Whether any inquiry was ordered/conducted into the crashes;


(f)     If so, the details thereof;


(g)   Whether the crashes were on account of helicopters not being airworthy; and


(h)   The measures being contemplated / taken to avoid such crashes in future?






 (a) and (b):- After two accidents involving Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited’s (PHHL) helicopters in the Arunachal Pradesh in the month of April, 2011, operations of PHHL in the North East region were suspended and Directorate General of Civic Aviation (DGCA) was asked to conduct safety audit of PHHL. DGCA teams carried out the safety audits of PHHL including that of the North Eastern Regions in the month of May, 2011. Based on the action taken report, permission was granted on 6/6/2011 by DGCA to PHHL for resumption of its operations in North East Region. PHHL has resumed its services in Sikkim, Tripura and also with Oil India Limited.


(c) and (d):- There were two accidents involving helicopters of PHHL in the year 2011, in which 24 persons were killed. Financial losses suffered by PHHL on account of loss of two helicopters would amount to Rs. 10.08 crore per annum as fixed charges.


(e), (f) and (g):- The Accidents are under investigation by Committees of Inquiry appointed under Rule 74 of Aircraft Rules, 1937. The reason for accidents may be known after the investigation is completed.


(h):- PHHL has further strengthened safety management system and Safety Oversight Department. Reporting system has also been further strengthened.