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Government of India

Ministry of Home Affairs

Rajya Sabha

Starred Question No. *176

To be answered on the 04th December 2019

NIA Report on Illegal Migrants in Karnataka




Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state :


(a)  whether Government is considering any specific actions to deport illegal immigrants considering the recent NIA report on illegal Bangladeshi and other migrants in Karnataka especially Bengaluru;


(b) If so, the details thereof;


(c) Whether it is a fact that thousands of daily wage labourers, who have taken shelter illegally, have obtained documents such as Aadhaar and Voter ID cards through illegal means, making it difficult to identify illegal migrants; and


(d) If so, what Government proposes to tackle this situation?




Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs

(Shri Nityanand Rai)


(a)to (d) A Statement is laid on the table of the house.


Statement Referred to in the reply to parts (a) to (d) of the Rajya Sabha Starred question no. 176 for 04th December 2019 regarding ‘NIA Report on Illegal Migrants in Karnataka’.


(a)and (b) Illegal immigrants enter into the country without valid travel documents in a clandestine and surreptitious manner. Detection, detention and deportation of such illegally staying foreign nationals, including Bangladeshi nationals, is an ongoing process. Central Government is vested with powers to detain a foreign national staying illegally in the country under section 3(2)(e) of The Foreigners Act, 1946 and to deport such a foreign national under Section 3(2)(c) of The Foreigners Act, 1946. These powers to detain and deport illegally staying foreign nationals have also been entrusted under Article 258(1) of the Constitution of India to the State Governments including that of Karnataka.


(c)and (d) Ministry of Home Affairs has issued instructions to State Governments/Union Territories advising them to sensitize the law enforcement and intelligence agencies for taking appropriate prompt steps for identification of illegal migrants, their restriction to specified locations as per provisions of law, capturing their biographic and biometric particulars, cancellation of fake Indian documents, and legal proceedings including initiation of deportation proceedings as per provisions of law. They have also been advised to share the particulars of those illegal migrants who have wrongfully obtained Aadhaar Cards with UIDAI for appropriate legal action. State Governments have further been advised to cancel any identification documents obtained fraudulently by illegal migrants, viz, voter card, driving license, ration card etc.