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GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Shipping


RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO. 3829 T0 BE ANSWERED ON MAY 10, 2012 Maritimie Cooperation with Pakistan



Will the Minister of SHIPPING be pleased to state:

(a)   whether it is a fact that India and Pakistan have agreed to greater maritime cooperation between the two countries on terror at sea;

(b)   If so, the details thereof?


(a)   Yes, Sir.

(b)   A hotline communication link between Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) was set up in November, 2006. Further, in the last Home Secretary level talks in March 2011 both sides agreed to task the ICG and PMSA to work on setting up a mechanism for release of inadvertent crossers (fishermen) and their boats on the same lines as the inadvertent crossers on land.

A Protocol on shipping services was also signed in December, 2006 between India and Pakistan, in which it has been, agreed that if a vessel of either country be involved in maritime peril or encounters any other danger off the coast or in the ports of the other country, the vessel, the cargo, the crew and the passengers shall receive the same assistance which is accorded to a national vessel, its cargo, crew and passengers. This will be subject to the respective laws and international obligations of the two countries.