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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways



TO BE ANSWERED ON 25.11.2009

Increase of Compensation for Victims of Road Accidents

667.  Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar:

Will the Minister of Road Transport and Highways be pleased to state:

(a)    the total number of road accidents during the last two years in Delhi, year-wise;

(b)   the current amount of compensation being paid to victims of road accidents;

(c)    whether Government is considering for increasing of compensation package for victims; and

(d)   if so, the details thereof; and by when this provision is likely to come into effect?


The Minister of State in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

(SHRI Mahadeo Singh Khandela)

(a)    The total number of road accidents during the last two years in Delhi, is as under:






2009 (upto 15th November)


 (b)   The Motor Vehicles Act, 1998 provides for compensation to the road accident victims/dependents as per the details given below: -

(i)     Compensation in hit-and-run cases:-


Rs. 25,000/

Grievous Hurt

Rs. 12,500/


 (ii)   Compensation on “NO fault principle”

 Compensation to road accident victims on ‘no fault principle’ (i.e where the victims or their heirs/successors do not have to prove the negligence of the driver of the motor vehicle causing the accident to claim such a compensation) is given as per the structured Compensation Formula prescribed under the Act. The amount of compensation depends upon the age and annual income of the victim. The maximum amount of compensation in respect to permanent disability and death comes to Rs. 7, 20, 000/- and Rs. 4, 80, 000/- respectively. The amount of compensation in case of death is reduced by 1/3rd on the promise that such expenses would have been incurred, if the victim had been alive.

(iii) Compensation on “Fault principle”

 The Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 also allows application for compensation to Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT) or Civil Court, as the case may be, on the principle of fault/negligence of the driver of the vehicle causing the accident.  In such cases, there is no upper limit and MACT or the Courts awards compensation on the merit of the case.

 (c)    & (d) Yes Sir. However, amendment in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is a long drawn process as the Ministry is required to undergo a number of legal formalities, before approval by the Parliament. As such, the exact date cannot be indicated at this stage.