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RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO.2473 TO BE ANSWERED ON 01.12.2010 Diversified Handloom Development Scheme


2473. SHRI RAJEEV CHANDRASEKHAR: Will the Minister of TEXTILES be pleased to state:

(a)   whether the Diversified Handloom Development Scheme (DHDS) is being implemented in the country;

(b)   if so, the salient features of the scheme; and

(c)    what is the status of the scheme in Karnataka?


(a):   Yes, Sir.

(b):   "Diversified Handloom Development Scheme" is a Central Sector Scheme which has been formulated by the Office of Development Commissioner for Handlooms, with the sole objective to provide skill up-gradation of the handloom weavers through training, workshops and exhibition, design development, documentation of traditional designs and providing market linkage and meeting the market requirements. Components of the Diversified Handloom Development Scheme (DHDS), inter alia includes (1) Strengthening of Weavers Service Centres/Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology (WSCs/IIHTs); (ii) National Centre for Textile Design (NCTD); (iii) Research and Development (R&D); (iv) J&K Wool Project; and (v) Conducting of Third National Handloom Census and issue of Photo Identity Cards to the eligible Handloom weavers and allied workers.

(c): An Indian Institute of Handloom Technology is already functioning at Gadag-Betageri (Karnataka) in the State Sector since several years and catering the need of manpower for the Handloom and Textile Industry of the State of Karnataka and its neighboring States.

Similarly, a Weavers Service Centre at Bangalore is also functioning under the Office of DC (Handlooms), Ministry of Textiles which provides technical inputs and training for the development of handloom industry of Karnataka State.