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Unstarred Question No. 1773
Answered on 09th July 2019
Devolution of funds to Karnataka under Centrally sponsored scheme



Will the Minister of FINANCE be please to state:


(a)the various centrally sponsored schemes under which funds are devolved to State of Karnataka; and
(b)the details of the allocation made and the utilization thereof by the Government of Karnataka during the last three years?




(a)to (b): The Central Government/Ministry of Finance allocate funds through budgetary process to different Ministries/Departments for each of the 28 Centrally Sponsored Scheme. The respective Ministry/Department in turn allocates the Central Government share for Centrally Sponsored Scheme as per Scheme guideline to the States/UTs through the Consolidated Funds of the States. Concerned Ministry/Department periodically monitors individual scheme. The release of funds/installment by Central Government Ministry/Department is based on the furnished Utilization Certificate of the penultimate (last to last) installment. For avoiding the back-loading of expenditure towards the end of the year, there is a ceiling of expenditure to the extent of 33% and 15% of budgetary outlay for respective scheme in the last quarter and the last month of the financial year respectively. To establish an efficient funds flow system, the funds of CSSs are released to the State through the Public Financial Management System (PFMS). THE trend in outlays in the Expenditure Budget of GoI for 28 CSSs for the last three years are as follows:

(Rs. In Crore)


Scheme Category

Actual 2017-18 RE 2018-19 BE (Interim) 2019-20
CSS 2,85,448 3,04,849



The scheme-wise details of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes are available at Statement are available at Statement 4A of Expenditure Profile of the Expenditure Budget of Government of India.