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GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ministry of Defence

RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO 194 TO BE ANSWERED ON 26.04.2016 Department of Ex-Servicemen`S Welfare

194. Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:-

(a) what is Government of India’s policy towards World War II veteran pensioners given that the Government of India has assumed all pension liabilities from the British; and

(b) how many surviving World War II pensioners and family pensioners draw pension from Government?


(a) The pension of World War-II pensioners was granted as per provisions of Pension Regulation for the Army in India (Part-I & Part-II) 1940, prevalent at that time. As per these Pension Regulations, there were provisions of Retiring pension, Ordinary pension, Special pension Family, Disability pension, Children Allowance and Gratuity, which were governed on the basis of different eligibility conditions like rank last held in different arms, qualifying service rendered, attributability / non attributability and aggravation etc. In addition, there was provision of ‘JangiInam’ for World War-I & II veteran pensioners which was payable for two lives and one life respectively. At present, the rate of monetary allowance on account of JangiInam is Rs.500/- per month.

(b) The number of surviving World War-II pensioners and Family pensioners is dynamic and therefore, keeps on changing due to natural wastage. As regards actual number of World War-II pensioners, no separate data-base has been maintained to distinguish World War-II veteran pensioners vis-a-vis other pensioners.