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Ministry of Urban Development

TO BE ANSWERED ON 26.11.2009
Defects in Construction of DMRC Lines

873.  Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar:
Will the Minister of Urban Development be pleased to state:

(a)    whether  it is a fact that an inquiry was ordered into the defects in the construction of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) lines that resulted in serious accidents leading to loss of lives and also caused serious injuries to workers and others;
(b)    if so, the findings thereof and the action taken thereon; and
(c)    the total number of labourers who have so far lost their lives while engaged in construction work whether by DMRC or its contractors and the compensation given to their next kin?


(Shri Saugata Roy)

(a)    Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd. constituted a High Level Enquiry Committee comprising of experts in the field to investigate the causes of the pier collapse incident at Zamrudpur on 12. 7. 2009.

(b)   The main findings of the Committee are as under:-

·         Serious deficiency in the design of the cantilever arm.

·         The concrete not having adequate strength probably due to lack of adequate curing of the concrete.

The action taken thereon by the DMRC is as under: -

·         M/s Arch Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. has been black listed for 5 years.

·         M/s Tandon Consultants have been debarred from DMRC work for a period of 2 years.

·         M/s German India Ltd. has been served a memorandum for black listing them for a period of 2 years.

·         One Director has been repatriated to Indian Railways.

·         Two Dy. Chief Engineers have been repatriated to parent units and memorandum for action served on two HOD (Head of Department) level officers.

·         One expatriate Quality Expert of General Consultants has been demobilized.


The Following preventive measures have been taken:-


·         DMRC has undertaken a special drive to check all the cantilever piers so far constructed and their designs rechecked by M/s Shirish Patel and Associates, a well know Design Consultant. Based on their advice, necessary action has been taken by DMRC to ensure that all the cantilever piers are safe.


·         DMRC has also decided to get all the designs checked in future by the General Consultants or by an outside Consultant. The Design Wing of DMRC has been substantially strengthened.


·         A special drive was undertaken by DMRC in late July, 2009 for special training of the workers and supervisors of all the contractors working at DMRC sites. All the construction companies were directed to arrange a Crash training programme of minimum three days duration or equivalent 18 hours of training exposure to all their employees working at site including sub-contractor workers. More than 25, 000 workers have been trained under special drive.


·         The Government has informed all the Metro authorities and concerned Chief Secretaries on 11.09.2009, where Metro rail projects are under construction, about the accident at DMRC’s site on 12.07. 2009 and has reiterated its advice to ensure that adequate preventive measures are put in place.


(c ) The total number of labourers who have so far lost their lives while engaged in construction work by DMRC or its contractors is 101. The total compensation given to their next kin as per available records is estimated at Rs. 4, 32,15, 219/- approximately.