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RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION No. 2059 TO BE ANSWERED ON-29.11.2010 Death of tigers in Bannerghata National Park

 2059.  SHRI RAJEEV CHANDRASEKHAR: Will the Minister of ENVIRONMENT AND FORESTS be pleased to state:

(a)  whether attention of Government has been drawn to the recent spate of deaths of tigers/wildlife in the Bannerghata National Park;

(b)  if so, the details thereof and the reasons for such deaths; and

(c)  what remedial measures are being taken by Government in this regard?


(a)  & (b) A total of 5 tigers a6d lions died in the Biological Park of Bannerghatta National 'Park during September 2010. The animals include 1 male tiger, 2 tigress and 2 male lions. The reasons for their death are severe catarrhal gastroenteritis, nephritis and lung/liver failure. Further, three out of five animals were rescued from the circuses for their rehabilitation and had nearly completed their expected life span in captivity i.e. 18-20 years.

(c)Important remedial measures taken by the Government for safety of the animals in Bannerghatta Biological Park include:

    (i) Necessary assistance of the Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biology (1AHVB), Hebbel, Bangalore, has been taken by the Bannerghatta Biological Park authorities for improvement of animal health care facilities in the Park.

    (ii) The hygiene of the zoo has been improved and precautionary measures taken to upgrade the veterinary and healthcare facilities and supply of quality feed to the zoo animals.