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Unstarred Question No. 1343

Answered On March 10, 2015

Completion of Border Road Projects



Will the Minister of  DEFENCE be pleased to refer to answer to Unstarred Question1746 given in the Rajya Sabha on 9 December, 2014 and state;

(a)   the current status of completion of border road projects; and

(b)   whether the steps outlined as measures to speed up the completion of projects have beeneffective and the details of the outcomes in timeline adherence in this regard?


(a): 73 roads are identified as strategic Indo-China border roads (ICBR), out of which 61 roadshave been entrusted to Border Roads Organisation (BRO) with a length of 3410 km which wereplanned to be completed by 2012.

Out of 61 ICBRs with BRO, 19 roads of length 625 km have been completed and connectivity has been achieved on 24 roads.

(b): Government has taken following measures to expedite the pace of road projects:

(i)     Chief Secretaries of various State Governments have been requested to constitute Empowered Committees under their chairmanship with Secretaries of concerned departments as members to resolve issues related to land acquisition, forest/ wildlife clearance, allotment of quarries etc.

(ii)   Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF) has given the General Approval under section 2 of forest (conservation) Act, 1980 for diversion of forest land required for construction /widening of roads entrusted to BRO in the area falling within 100 kilometers aerial distance from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and for link roads between Border Roads in the area within 100 kilometer aerial distance from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and National Highways/State Highways/Other roads subject to certain conditions.

(iii) Outsourcing has been allowed to augment capacity of BRO.

(iv)  Long Term Roll On Work Plan (LTROWP) and Long Term Equipment Plan (LTEP) have been approved.

(v)    Enhanced financial and administrative powers have been given to the executives of BRO.

Based on the measures taken to expedite the works the revised completion schedule for 42 ICBRs is as under:

(i)     2015: 16 roads

(ii)   2016: 13 roads

(iii) 2017: 9 roads

(iv)  2018: 2 roads

(v)    Beyond 2018: 2 roads