Letter to Chief Minister of Karnataka


25th June 2014

Dear Shri Siddaramaiah

I write this letter to bring to your notice a news story in media that has exposed shocking instances of discrimination against Indians by a particular Hotel Uno-In in Bangalore. The news story describes how the hotel discriminates against Indians citing exclusivity for nationals of one particular country and turns away Indian citizens who wish to patronise the hotel.

It is shocking that in this day and age, a restaurant operating in our state’s capital has the audacity to openly discriminate against our citizens. The “Indians are not allowed” is an untenable and unconscionable act in Bangalore against our people. No hotel or establishment can deny entry or service to a guest on the grounds of discrimination against race, religion or nationality - and this act is clearly a violation of laws under IPC.

Since such acts amount to blatant violation of laws of the land, I am writing to draw your attention to this and urge that Government responds under law to this and prosecutes the case in a manner that is appropriate under law and do so expeditiously. The response of the Government in this case will send a message to any others who are violating the law in similar manner and discriminating in our city.

Look forward to your urgent response on the matter.


Yours Sincerely
Rajeev Chandrasekhar


Shri Siddaramiah
Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka